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Open Call for Models

I’m continually on the lookout for models.  If you’d like to be put on my open call list for future free shoots, please have a snapshot (cell phone pics are totally okay) ready to upload and follow the link below.  Free shoots are available from time to time for the purpose of keeping my skills sharp, experimenting with new locations, themed photo shoots, and fresh images to be used for advertisements and marketing material.  If chosen to model for a session, you will receive branded digital images as well as a complementary swag bag.

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Kristina on film

Believe it or not, these are 100% film images. Old school. I loved the feeling of opening up the back of the camera to change rolls instead of flipping the door to swap cards out. It was so very tactile. I love not knowing what I’ve got until I get the scans back, and then not just knowing that I nailed things in camera, but that they look amazing, too.

I am still very much in love with film. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to film, though. On the one hand, skin is flawless on film. There is no other way to describe it. Film captures skin beautifully. Stunningly. I was blown away at the even-ness in skin tones on the film scans. On the other hand, it takes about 2 months to get the scans back from the lab in the summer. I don’t use 1-hour labs for rolls of client film… I use the top of the line dip-n-dunk professional developing labs. And there aren’t that many of them left in the US, so it takes a loooong time for the scans to come back, but they’re worth it. Oh, so worth it.

Kristina and I and her mom and sister had a lovely time downtown. It was a hot afternoon, yes, but we were having fun and the music from the restaurants’ patios was rockin’ and … it was just FUN! Kristina’s gorgeous personality shines right through, even on film. We even tried out my spiffy changing tent (have you seen it?) and she was able to change outfits right there downtown without running into a pub!

I also took the digital camera and I’ll be back to post those soon, too.

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a walk in the park

Through the years, I love that I become friends with clients and photographing them becomes an opportunity to catch up with them. Their first session was in the bluebonnets and it was absolutely stunning.  This was no different. Little man is growing up and the puppies were both there, too.  It was such an amazing morning; perfect for a beautiful family portrait.  The moments between poses were precious and the dogs made me smile!

I love to incorporate toys and props into the pictures — things like little man’s guitar, some bright balloons, or a quilt to spread out on.  They don’t have to take over the photos, but they add that little touch that makes your images more than just a snapshot.

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devin class of 2012

This young man has the kind of smile that draws you in and befriends you and he’s just as polite as they come by.  Well, at least he was for me!  We had a great time getting his portraits in two of the hottest locations downtown.  He’s moving to Hawaii this summer and I have to admit a little bit of envy (not jealousy!) for his new home… the tropical breezes… the plumeria falling to the ground… the rainy mornings and sunshiny sunsets… oh, the life!  I know two things for sure:  He’s going to love it there (for at least the first week!) and he’s going to fit right in there.

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